Feb. 1, 2023

New Express Links for All Producers
Applies to Individual & Family, Medicare

If you use the Retail Producer Portal for quoting, note we will be issuing new Express Links to all users. You’ll be able to update your link with your new code as of Feb. 4, so mark your calendar.

Express Link is a customized HTML hyperlink specific to each producer. Those registered to use the Retail Producer Portal have access to their own Express Link. When clients click on your Express Link with its embedded code, they’re taken to the Retail Shopping Cart. Your producer information is then attached to your client’s shopping and enrollment experience.

We’re retiring the old link to our online shopping experience, which will move to apply.bcbsmt.com as of Feb. 4. As a result, you will be issued a new Express Link on Feb. 4. From Feb. 4 through April 30, you will be able to use both the current and new Express Links. On May 1, the current Express Link will no longer work.

Starting Feb. 4, you can log in to the Retail Producer Portal and copy your new Express Link code. See the guide for details.

Reminder: The Retail Producer Portal is a sales and service tool for producers who sell in the Individual & Family and Medicare markets.